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 Tube Challenge Darts League

These pages show the details of the unofficial Tube Challenge Darts League, established 2009. The competition was born out of a trend established following the 2008 Zone 1 Challenge which featured post challenge darts for the first time. Since then, darts have featured following nearly every tube challenge, and there have even been some events where only darts were played.

It was decided to log the results of the games, and who scored the checkout for each game, starting in 2009. At the end of the year, the Tube Challenge Darts Champion will be crowned. The table is formed using a very simple system - a winning team will share 1 point - typically this means ½ point each for a doubles team and the full point for a singles player. The person scoring the checkout will have 1% of this checkout added as bonus points, and anyone scoring 100 or more in three darts also gets 0.01 points for every point on or over 100, in a bid to ensure better play is rewarded.

Players viewing the site are invited to submit ideas/alternative scoring systems/complaints - these may be addressed to In particular, as much info as you would be happy with appearing on the profile page, in terms of hometown, throwing hand, date of birth…

How the doubles leagues work

The majority of matches take pace as doubles games, yet the leagues rank players individually. As a matter of interest, it was decided to try and form a table ranking doubles pairings. The obvious problem is that players will inevitably appear more than once in a straight league table based on the matches, so a system was employed to ensure no single player appears in any doubles table more than once. The procedure is:

Clear as mud, I'm sure you agree!

Future Development

The site is not yet complete - it is intended to fill the records/statistics/profile pages etc. with more information in time - however, the first aim was to get the site in a usable state and put it online - which is the position the site is currently at. If there is a statistic you would like to see that you think may be realistically gleamed from the data held, please get in touch.

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